Flushed With Pride – Technology that Grohe’s on You

We, at NRJ, believe in only recommending to our clients products that we feel are worthwhile and add value.  With this in mind, when we were offered the opportunity to test-drive the latest in toilet technology we couldn’t wait to get in the seat and had it installed in our Billericay office.

The Grohe Sensia Arena is no bog-standard facility.  This kind of technology has been widely available in Japan for some time but is now becoming more popular in high end establishments in the UK and Europe.

As you enter the W.C. the seat cover automatically lifts.  For those wishing to stand, the seat can also be raised at the push of a button on the remote control.  Once business is concluded the remote allows you to choose a strength and warmth of water to gently cleanse you before also drying you.

Once back on your feet, a push of a button, again remotely, flushes away the evidence, leaving the toilet as fresh and clean as you, without you ever having touched it (at least, not with your hands).

We reckon our clients will need to sit down when we tell them how good this is.