Saving the Planet One Bottle at a Time

Here at NRJ, we like to think that we give our clients added value, above and beyond our normal services.  So, when Nigel asked the question: “Why do our hotels still buy bottled water?” we started looking at how we might save them money and help the environment.

We began by reviewing the client hotels and deciding on a candidate for a pilot.  Doubletree by Hilton, in Bristol has long been held as one of our most progressive clients and, additionally, has a number of conference rooms.  After approaching the General Manager we agreed to run a one month trial, using a table-top water filtering machine from EauVation (a part of the Winterhalter Group), which can provide up to 80 litres of filtered water per hour, both still and sparkling.

The machine was plumbed into the water supply in the hotel kitchen and EauVation provided us with 200 flip top bottles to use for the trial.  We kept in close contact with the Operations Director at the hotel to ensure everything went smoothly.  At the end of the trial it was agreed that it had been a resounding success and that they would be happy to agree a 3 year contract.

It fell to NRJ to negotiate the terms of the contract and the price and, with the prospect of perhaps rolling this out across other hotels, we were able to agree a very good price and the supply of 216 bottles carrying the hotel’s logo.

The Financial Controller was able to confirm that the new deal would indeed make them a cost saving, not only on purchase of bottled water but also on recycling costs and on wastage.  The Operations Director was happy that the system worked well and that there was no additional work for his staff.  Overall, the General Manager was very pleased with the initiative in terms of cost, promotional material and environmental savings.

Over the coming weeks we intend to supply the Group’s CEO with the evidence of savings with a view to, hopefully, rolling out the same deal across the rest of his hotels.

I shall, of course, keep you advised of progress.